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Anita Chetty

Undergraduate Assistant

Johns Hopkins University


Education and Training:

  • Undergraduate

    • Johns Hopkins University

      • Major: Neuroscience 

      • Minor: Spanish for the Professions

Previous Positions:

  • Lillehei Heart Institute

    • Dr. Forum Kamdar Lab

    • Studied Duchenne muscular dystrophy using human iPSCs model to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying advanced heart failure in neuromuscular cardiomyopathy

  • University of Minnesota Medical School

    • Dr. Rocio Gomez-Pastor Lab ​

    • Studied Huntington's disease by analyzing gene expression of transcription factors and chaperone proteins in brain tissue samples collect from HD knock-in mice

Research Interests:

neurodegeneration, spinal muscular atrophy, iPSCs

Current Project:

Studying the effect on TRPV4 channel activity on blood brain barrier permeability 


playing tennis, exploring restaurants, going to concerts


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