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Anna Bagnell, BS

Graduate Student, Cellular and Molecular Medicine


Education and Training:

  • Undergraduate

    • BS, University of South Carolina

      • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology​

Previous Positions

  • Undergraduate Researcher; University of South Carolina; Dr. Sofia Lizarraga 

    • Studied the role of a histone methyltransferase in human neurodevelopment

  • Research Intern; NINDS, Dr. Avindra Nath and Dr. Tongguang Wang 

    • Developed novel human iPSC derived 3D neural and endothelial organoids

  • Undergraduate Researcher; University of South Carolina; Dr. Makskymillian Chruszcz 

    • Worked to characterize the protein structure of V. Vulnificus energy metabolite

Research Interests:

  • Neurodegeneration

  • Blood Brain Barrier

  • Stem Cell Disease modeling

Current Projects:


Anna’s thesis work aims to understand how TRPV4 may regulate neurovascular EC junctional contacts and barrier permeability using novel in-vivo mouse and in-vitro iPSC-derived human blood-brain barrier models.   

Selected Publications:


Going to concerts, running, entering radio station contests (I'm weirdly successful at winning them).


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